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FREE Dark Sky Awareness Training

Newport has some of the darkest skies in Wales as we’ve noted before; for example, see this article:

We’ve just heard of a free opportunity to learn more about our wonderful dark skies and how to use this to promote the community and business. If you are interested, please use the eventbrite link to book. This on-line event is on 9th March, 10:30-11:30am.

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Letter to Town Council

The Built Environment sub-group have agreed to write to the Town Council:

  • to seek clarity on future building land in Newport
  • to offer our support for the place plan process, and suggest some guiding principles.
  • to state our all new sites should only provide housing that was needed for people to live here as their principal residence, in terms of number of homes, design, cost and environmental qualities, and
  • to make a joint approach with us to the owners/agents of both the one housing allocation, and of the remaining business park land which is no longer protected as employment land, in the emerging Replacement LDP – to explore how housing developed will be suitable to meet the needs of people who live here.

Please click the following link to view / download the draft letter.

New Website

Our website has been updated, and is now based on WordPress. This should make it easier for group members to update the website content.

There may still be a few things not fully working, so if you have any issues or suggestions please write to the website administrator:

Creative Climate Communications, Fishguard, 27th November

Transition Bro Gwaun and Renew Wales are running Creative Climate Communications on Wednesday 27th November, in Fishguard and have sent us an invitation.

This will be a day of performances, workshops and dialogue for anyone who is, or would like to be, creatively engaging their group or community to talk about climate change in Wales. Centred around Transition Bro Gwaun’s (TBG) recent programme of events and activities in their local area, the day will include an evaluation of using arts based community events.

There will be performances (some participatory!) and workshops. These include forum theatre, youth theatre, storytelling, singing, comedy, art, craft and waste reduction activities, working collaboratively with other community groups, schools and youth groups as well as evaluating the impact of events and activities. Participants are encouraged to get involved and to bring their own ideas and experiences to share.

The day is free to attend, but must be booked in advance.

For more information, and to book your place please visit:

NAEG submission about the PCNPA Local Development Plan

Anyone who would like to see NAEG’s submission to the Examination for the PCNPA Local Development Plan, can go to the Examination website

All the documents that NAEG has submitted can be found under Matter 1 – Opening; Plan Preparation and Plan Strategy

NAEG’s main contribution will be under Agenda Item 7d) Is Policy 3 clear and does it provide an appropriate framework for managing development in Newport? (Policy 3 is the Strategy Policy for Newport)