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This sub-group is aimed at encouraging Biodiversity and wildlife conservation.

Newport For Nature Project Launch, Newport Memorial Hall on Sunday 12th September at 2pm

Save the date! Newport launches an exciting new 18-month project this month to enhance biodiversity, create wildlife-friendly spaces, and improve our knowledge of local wildlife, funded by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority’s Sustainable Development Fund and led by Newport Area Environment Group.

The project’s vision is to create a network of wildlife-friendly spaces and corridors across Newport and its environs, connecting town and countryside, supported, maintained and enjoyed by residents and visitors alike, providing climate change resilience but also colour and birdsong, calm, joy and wellbeing for all. You can sign up to the newsletter to keep up to date with project activities here:

All are welcome to the project’s launch at Newport Memorial Hall on Sunday 12th September at 2pm where wildlife gardening practitioners and others will be on hand to offer advice and information on how to get involved.

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We’re recruiting!

Newport Area Environment Group is excited to be recruiting for a new post. The Biodiversity and Decarbonisation Officer will lead our recently funded project to promote wildlife gardening, tree planting and community biodiversity monitoring in and around Newport.

We are are seeking a self-motivated, organised and creative candidate to manage the project over the 18 month period. This is an exciting role with the potential to improve biodiversity within the area and work closely to bring the community together around the aims of the project.

For more details, please download the recruitment pack below which contains more information about the role, a job description and person specification and details of the recruitment process.

The deadline for applications is 2nd April 2021.

Decarbonisation through Biodiversity project funding secured!

We are pleased to say, our project to support habitat creation to improve biodiversity in and around Newport has been successful!

Launching in June 2021, the project will address the urgent need to act on climate change, focussing on 3 inter-related elements:

  • Community awareness and action – the community will be engaged in activities, workshops and personal actions to enhance biodiversity, mitigate climate change and raise awareness of critical environmental issues. The project aims to change behaviours, increase social capital and foster community pride through volunteering and long-term nurturing and monitoring of biodiversity. The project will engage local groups, the school, homeowners and landowners.
  • Carbon sequestration – there is an urgent need to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Trees sequester carbon as they grow, and will be planted to act as both a carbon sink and a carbon store, locking CO2 up above ground, in roots and in soils.
  • Biodiversity and climate change resilience – a biodiverse area is intrinsically more resilient to the effects of climate change. Systems which are more diverse, larger, in better condition and better connected are more able to adapt to or recover from change.
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About Recycling in Newport

The Group is actively engaged with all aspects of recycling promotion in and around Newport.

In 2008 the Pembrokeshire County Council “Orange bag” scheme for curb-side collection of recyclable materials was rolled out. The bags are collected at the same time as the regular black-bag collection. NAEG is in no doubt that the political influence of small community based initiatives, such as ours, was instrumental in getting the orange bags into the north of Pembrokeshire, and naturally we wish it all success. NAEG will be carefully monitoring its operation, and assessing any difficulties and opportunities for improvement.

NAEG has now “adopted” the Newport recycling bank for the County Council and we are responsible for its care and supervision, so if you notice problems, please contact Reg Atkinson (see below).  NAEG also recycles waste from Newport’s Festivals. This has drawn our attention to the lack of community composting facilities for food-wastes, which is far from ideal.

The Group is currently addressing issues such as the recycling of lower grade plastics and the ubiquitous ‘Tetra’ packs and we are trying to find ways to help older people without cars to use the recycling bank. In this way we continue to seek solutions for Newport in future.

Meanwhile, we ask you all to always remember that, whilst it’s good to recycle, its better by far to reduce first, and re-use second, repair if needed and recycle only to avoid true waste going to landfill.

Contact Reg Atkinson 01239 820889