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NAEG is currently meeting “virtually” by Zoom. Watch this space for details.

If you are interesting in participating in any of our meetings or joining the group please contact the secretary, Sandra Bayes.  sandrabayes1@btinternet.com

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We’re recruiting!

March 12, 2021   View     Author: Naomi

Newport Area Environment Group is excited to be recruiting for a new post. The Biodiversity and Decarbonisation Officer will lead our recently funded project to promote wildlife gardening, tree planting and community biodiversity monitoring in and around Newport.

We are are seeking a self-motivated, organised and creative candidate to manage the project over the 18 month period. This is an exciting role with the potential to improve biodiversity within the area and work closely to bring the community together around the aims of the project.

For more details, please download the recruitment pack below which contains more information about the role, a job description and person specification and details of the recruitment process.

The deadline for applications is 2nd April 2021.

Funding awarded

March 8, 2021   View     Author: Ros McGarry

Newport Environmental Action Group's biodiversity project gets National Park funding.

See article here: https://www.westerntelegraph.co.uk/news/19131974.newport-environmental-action-groups-biodiversity-project-gets-national-park-funding/

FREE Dark Sky Awareness Training

February 23, 2021   View     Author: Brendan

Newport has some of the darkest skies in Wales as we've noted before; for example, see this article: https://naeg.org.uk/2010/06/18/newport-has-one-of-the-darkest-skies-in-uk-official/.

We've just heard of a free opportunity to learn more about our wonderful dark skies and how to use this to promote the community and business. If you are interested, please use the eventbrite link to book. This on-line event is on 9th March, 10:30-11:30am.


Decarbonisation through Biodiversity project funding secured!

February 23, 2021   View     Author: Naomi

We are pleased to say, our project to support habitat creation to improve biodiversity in and around Newport has been successful!

Launching in June 2021, the project will address the urgent need to act on climate change, focussing on 3 inter-related elements:

  • Community awareness and action – the community will be engaged in activities, workshops and personal actions to enhance biodiversity, mitigate climate change and raise awareness of critical environmental issues. The project aims to change behaviours, increase social capital and foster community pride through volunteering and long-term nurturing and monitoring of biodiversity. The project will engage local groups, the school, homeowners and landowners.
  • Carbon sequestration – there is an urgent need to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Trees sequester carbon as they grow, and will be planted to act as both a carbon sink and a carbon store, locking CO2 up above ground, in roots and in soils.
  • Biodiversity and climate change resilience – a biodiverse area is intrinsically more resilient to the effects of climate change. Systems which are more diverse, larger, in better condition and better connected are more able to adapt to or recover from change.


February 19, 2021   View     Author: Ros McGarry

February 19, 2021


A new share, repair and reuse network is to be developed in Pembrokeshire, creating not only a green, circular economy but also social, community and employment benefits.

The network is being led by Pembrokeshire County Council through Norman Industries working alongside the Regeneration Department with Paul Sartori, Pembrokeshire College, Clynfyw Care Farm, TYF St Davids, Grwp Resilience, Scolton Manor, Pembrokeshire’s Social Activity Centres and a range of local charities and social enterprises.

The scheme is supported by a £605,000 grant from the Welsh Government under its circular economy programme ‘Repair and Reuse’ to promote green recovery in Welsh town centres.


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