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Creative Climate Communications, Fishguard, 27th November

October 24, 2019   View     Author: Brendan

Transition Bro Gwaun and Renew Wales are running Creative Climate Communications on Wednesday 27th November, in Fishguard and have sent us an invitation. This will be a day of performances, workshops and dialogue for anyone who is, or would like to be, creatively engaging their group or community to talk about climate change in Wales. Centred around Transition Bro Gwaun's (TBG) recent programme of events and activities in their local area, the day will include an evaluation of using arts based community events. There will be performances (some participatory!) and workshops. These include forum theatre, youth theatre, storytelling, singing, comedy, art, craft and waste reduction activities, working collaboratively with other community groups, schools and youth groups as well as evaluating the impact of events and activities. Participants are encouraged to get involved and to bring their own ideas and experiences to share. The day is free to attend, but must be booked in advance. For more information, and to book your place please visit:

Beach Clean – Newport Parrog (on Monday 17th Sept 1pm)

September 9, 2018   View     Author: Brendan

Hi all,

Newport Time Bank is planning a beach clean at Newport Parrog on Monday 17th September 1pm (meet down there by the bus shelter/slipway).

This is as part of the All Wales Beach Clean taking place all over Wales.


Meeting to discuss the LDP to 2031.

December 16, 2017   View     Author: Brendan

On Thursday 13th July 2017 a meeting was held in the Newport Memorial Hall, to discuss the NEWPORT and the  NATIONAL PARK REPLACEMENT LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN to 2031

It included a presentation better explaining candidate sites and draft LDP2 policy 3 (Newport Strategy) and a REFERENDUM PROPOSAL, and was followed by a chance to express your views

A questionnaire about Newport's Future was distributed

Newport Visitor and Information Centre to be closed!

October 12, 2016   View     Author: Brendan

The National Park Authority is proposing to close the Visitor Centre in Long Street and sell the building.

Full details are at

UPDATE: Sadly the Visitor Centre closed at the start of 2018. Please see the reference for the latest status.

Feidr Bentinck Development Proposal

April 16, 2015   View     Author: admin

Huge new development now proposed for Newport

This proposal, if approved, would be the largest ever allowed in Newport. Many people will feel it is out of all proportion in terms of the effect on the environment and the impact on the community.  An opposition group has been set up, and a website can be found at  This contains full details of the development. Therefore there is no longer any need to put up more information here.

Star Count 2014 – Results are now published.

July 20, 2014   View     Author: Brendan

The Star Count 2014 results are now published and can be seen by clicking here. From this reference you can download a very detailed map of the results, showing the entire UK. Click here for a smaller version. (more…)


February 11, 2014   View     Author: Sandra

WOULD YOU LIKE TO TAKE PART? Newport Area Environment Group is calling for Newport and Area residents to support Star Count 2014. National Astronomy Week 2014 and CPRE are joining forces with the British Astronomical Association's Campaign for Dark Skies to monitor the extent of light pollution. You can help!  No equipment is needed, just a few moments of your time.  Please do your Star Count on any one day between Wednesday 26 February – Saturday 8 March (inclusive.) You are asked to count stars within the constellation of Orion, which will be visible in the south-west sky from about 7pm. The main area of the constellation is bounded by four bright stars. The star count should not include these four corner stars – only those within this rectangular boundary – but do include the stars in the middle known as Orion's three-star belt. (more…)


December 22, 2011   View     Author: admin

Newport's festive Green Fair attracted hundreds. It again was a showcase and celebratory gathering of the eclectic range of green enterprise in West Wales.


NAEG Success: National Park change their Guidance on Solar Panels and Solar PV

November 1, 2011   View     Author: Brendan

As a result of NAEG's comments on the Draft PCNPA Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) on Renewable Energy, PCNPA Officers have accepted that solar panels and solar photovoltaics are allowed to be installed without planning permission....


Eco Centre Wales presents Low Carbon Cook-Off and Energy Advice Tea Room

October 28, 2011   View     Author: Brendan

October 29, 2011, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.   All welcome!

11am – 4pm Saturday 29th October. Advice Tea Room open all day. Cook-Offs take place at 12pm and 2pm. Newport Memorial Hall.


Annual Green Fair – Newport Memorial hall 10 am Saturday 26th November

October 28, 2011   View     Author: Brendan

Make a note in your diary to attend the 2011 Annual Green Fair.  Last year's fair was a great success, and you can read what happened then in this article.


NAEG Comments on the Bathing Water Profile.

October 24, 2011   View     Author: Brendan

Loss of European Blue Flag Status for Newport Designated Bathing Water.


NAEG comments to PCNPA on Renewable Energy

July 15, 2011   View     Author: admin

PCNPA Officers produced a new Consultation Report to the Authority on 12th October 2011

In summary: As a result of NAEG's comments on the Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) on Renewable Energy, PCNPA Officers have accepted that solar panels and solar photovoltaics are allowed to be installed without planning permission (up to 100% coverage and not to a maximum of 9 sq m as formerly advised) on roofs of a dwelling or a building within the curtilage of a dwelling (even if they front a highway) anywhere within the National Park, including within Conservation Areas (This is conditional upon them not protruding more than 200m from the plane of the roof or the highest part of the solar equipment not protruding higher than the highest part of the roof excluding chimneys)


‘Retrofitting Houses’ talk

May 21, 2011   View     Author: admin

RETROFITTING HOUSES TALK BY BRIAN MARK 19/5/11 Newport Area Environment Group is facilitating a series of talks by local experts covering a range of environmental subjects relevant to Pembrokeshire. The first such talk, on 19th May, by Brian Mark on 'Retrofitting Houses" was well attended by an audience which included several local architects, National Park planners and a former Government Advisor for the Environment. (more…)


November 7, 2010   View     Author: admin

The fair in Newport Memorial Hall was a great success and starred great food and stalls. (more…)

Food from Wales – Consultation Response

November 1, 2010   View     Author: admin

Consultation Response - from Newport Area Environment Group (NAEG) September 2010 (more…)


September 16, 2010   View     Author: admin

Hydro for Wales – will the environment agency stop it?

I am convinced not.


Local Exhibition on Future for Electric Cars

September 14, 2010   View     Author: admin

THE GUARDIAN ANGEL PROJECT Electric cars & windmills. Working with other groups we wish to set up sculptural charge points with information panels and help people to drive small durable electric-hydrogen cars. We aim to set up community owned windmills to feed the charge points. The large profit will be used to set up individual investment accounts; these will give power to the people of Pembrokeshire. We will build renewable fuel stations and non-profit facilities for research and development to help us get off the dependency on Banking & oil. Energy non-profit History:  Set up in 2007 we promote local renewable energy; we set up Fishguard's first local used-veg oil COMMUNITY fuel pump and free advice on chip fat and diesel cars. (Used veg oil always WANTED for fuel) Join in with the Guardian Angels. Open home Gallery. We are open most of the year for tea with a donation when available, good to phone St Gwendaf Cot Llanwnda Goodwick SA64 0HX CONTACT US   Buzz OR Aerona.   T 01348 874922 M 07854701233 or Email us at Come along and see Electric cars, Windmills, solar panels, marine energy and sculptural charge points. See our car, it is a 1975 97% efficient, light family ART car, powered with 100% renewable energy see YouTube film! SOUPORT FROM Transition-Brogwaun, Pembrokeshire county council, Dragon electric cars, and The Techinum. Dawn, Stella, Aerona Buzz, Kevin, Kevin, Emma, Hadee, Peter. PLEASE CONTACT US Please look up; See for yourself the future of home energy & transport. Shi Agassi, 18% return on your money. £5000 towards a new electric car and 30 million in grants for charging points around the UK!! PLEASE CONTACT US; IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN USING AN ELECTRIC / AIR / OR HYDROGEN VEHICLE. HOME ENERGY FREE ENERGY. As seen on TV Radio and national newspapers PLUG-IN ON THE 13TH October AT THE TECHNIUM (Pembrokeshire) Come and drive an electric car. FILL UP ON US- ENERGY. Love from your Guardian Angel PLUG-IN at home and fill up with clean fuel. Contact Tel 01348874922 Ask for details of our community day. Thank you. Buzz and Aerona.


July 14, 2010   View     Author: admin

The Next Eco Tours are  Sunday 28th November 2010, and Sunday Jan 30th 2011.


Mapping a Town : Creating a Community

April 28, 2010   View     Author: admin

A radical proposal which the Group is considering taking up in the medium term is the "map a town : build a community" project , which has been tried elsewhere, especially in Scandanavia. The idea is that, especially in a town like Newport, which has such a high proportion of houses occupied by their owners only for a part of the year, we can build a virtual community in the first instance, leading to a better and more integrated real community in future. One begins by providing a place where a householder can, obviously only if they choose, set out a so-called 'virtual shingle' i.e. a posting on a Newport map on the website. In such a posting there would be a standard form to let them say for example their name, tel number, character of occupation, size of property, time in occupation etc. and then a larger box (or more) to allow them to say what they like best (and least) about Newport, and what they think needs to be done in their street/immediate area to improve the environment, services and the community in general. This allows modern technology to assist with more of a return to the celtic/'gegin' culture society, which would once have characterised the social dynamic of our community, rather than the noticeably more anglo-norman 'home castle' attitude more 'at home' in the commuter belt of Surrey. To get things started the Group is happy to present the following very large scale map of our town, which is big enough to show individual houses and which in future we hope to make fully interactive to allow for the uploading of data. Robbie Manson

Worst storm for years hits Newport Parrog

April 13, 2010   View     Author: Brendan

On 31st March 2010, one of the highest tides of the year conincided with very low pressure and very strong northerly winds.  [caption id="attachment_14" align="alignright" width=""]Storm damage closes footpathStorm damage closes footpath[/caption] This resulted in an exceptionally high tide and very large waves. (more…)