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Help us to find Local Nature and Energy Solutions

April 30, 2024   View     Author: Naomi

We are holding a public event at 6pm on Thursday 9th May to co-create our next project - and we'd love to see you there!

This event aims to gather your views, ideas, and priorities, igniting action from vision on themes including water management, biodiversity habitats, community energy and plastic free Newport. 

Using Newport’s Green Infrastructure Plan and Newport Town Council’s environmental agenda as a starting point, the interactive and dynamic format of the evening will allow us to ask our community to help form our next project.

It will be a fun and interactive evening, an opportunity to think about what could make a real difference in Newport and surrounding areas, and to make new connections. A bar and snacks will be available. 

NAEG has a long history of taking impactful measures, starting with community collection of plastic and cans for recycling, before kerbside services were provided by Pembrokeshire County Council. 

Our most recent project was Newport For Nature, a project that planted 1500 trees, gathered data on biodiversity, and held a series of workshops and talks to encourage biodiversity in our gardens.

Now, we are looking for more people who would like to get involved to help identify and implement a next project. With the backing of key documents like the Green Infrastructure Plan and access to funding sources, combined with the increasing accountability of companies like Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, NAEG only requires the proactive involvement of our community to make meaningful changes.

The ‘Local Nature and Energy Solutions in Newport and the surrounding area’ event is on Thursday 9th May at 6pm at Newport Memorial Hall. We hope to see many of you there!

PCC/PCNPA Green Infrastructure Project

August 7, 2022   View     Author: Brendan

3 of the NAEG officers met with Hamish Liddle who is collecting information on 12 Pembrokeshire towns, including Newport, for the PCC/PCNPA Green Infrastructure project funded by UK Govt. Community Renewal Fund. You can read the notes from this meeting here:

Please let our secretary Sandra know if you have any comments, corrections or additions, particularly suggestions for deliverable projects. Sandra can be emailed at You can also add comments to this post.

The Great Newport BioBlitz!

June 7, 2022   View     Author: Brendan

Saturday 9th July 8am - late!

Get involved in mapping biodiversity across Newport, meet new people and learn about what species can be found in the town, in partnership with the West Wales Biodiversity Information Centre, we are organising a Newport BioBlitz.  What is a BioBlitz? It is a day-long event at which, with the help of ecologists and conservation experts, we will be identifying and recording as many species of plants, animals, insects, and other organisms as possible. Get in touch with Richard for more details!

8.00am prompt. Moth Trap, Tony Lewis, local moth recorder.

Meet at The Newport and Nevern Community Garden, where Market St meets Castle Lane, Newport, SA42 0PJ. Depart 8.05am for moth trap location, 3 min walk from the meeting place. The trap will be set on Friday night - come and see what we have caught, before the moths are safely released.

9.15 Event Intro

Coffee & Pastry with Richard Sylvester (Newport for Nature); followed by how to record what you see (and why!), with Carys Williams (West Wales Biodiversity Information Centre).Memorial Hall, West St, Newport SA42 0TF.

10.00-12.30 Bird walk with Paddy Jenks (Aderyn Ecology).Start at Memorial Hall for a walk from the Parrog along the estuary walk to the 'Iron Bridge'.

14.00-16.30 Plants and pollinator walk with Dr Abi Lowe and Dr Laura Jones (The National Botanic Gardens of Wales). Start at Memorial Hall for a walk along the back lanes and paths up by the Church and Castle.

20.45-22.00/22.30 Evening bat walk with Den Vaughan (Landsker Ecology). Please book - maximum 20 participants. Email Richard ( to book your place.

For more details, see our Facebook event.

Upcoming Events

More events to follow in the coming months. We hope to see you at one (or all) of these events.

Newport for Nature’s latest newsletter is out.

February 14, 2022   View     Author: Brendan

This has details of our upcoming events.
Sign-up now if you're not already on our mailing list
We need volunteers to help us plant some of the 1200 trees we are aiming to plant in and around Newport. Can you help?

Dwr Cymru / Welsh Water discharges from Cwm Pumping Station

February 14, 2022   View     Author: Brendan

According to the Dwr Cymru Alert Service, the CSO started spilling again on 12th February, and at the point of writing on the morning of 13th, has spilled for 24 hours so far this time.  Since Christmas Day, according to Dwr Cymru Welsh Water’s Smart Hub alert signals, the CSO has spilled for a total of 634 hours to date


Dwr Cymru / Welsh Water discharges from Cwm.

December 18, 2021   View     Author: Brendan

There were about 193 discharges of raw sewage from the Cwm Pumping Station in 2020, according to Dwr Cymru. This is a really alarming state of affairs.
NEW: We've been sent the latest update (dated 20th Jan 2022) by Cllr. Paul Harries. This is not encouraging. More investigations will follow.


Newport For Nature Project – Newsletter 1.

October 12, 2021   View     Author: Brendan

We held the launch of our Newport For Nature project last month and now have the first newsletter to help keep people up to date. Please click on this link:

There will also be a general NAEG meeting in early November - watch this website

Newport For Nature Project Launch, Newport Memorial Hall on Sunday 12th September at 2pm

August 19, 2021   View     Author: Naomi

Save the date! Newport launches an exciting new 18-month project this month to enhance biodiversity, create wildlife-friendly spaces, and improve our knowledge of local wildlife, funded by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority’s Sustainable Development Fund and led by Newport Area Environment Group.

The project’s vision is to create a network of wildlife-friendly spaces and corridors across Newport and its environs, connecting town and countryside, supported, maintained and enjoyed by residents and visitors alike, providing climate change resilience but also colour and birdsong, calm, joy and wellbeing for all. You can sign up to the newsletter to keep up to date with project activities here:

All are welcome to the project’s launch at Newport Memorial Hall on Sunday 12th September at 2pm where wildlife gardening practitioners and others will be on hand to offer advice and information on how to get involved.


We’re recruiting!

March 12, 2021   View     Author: Naomi

Newport Area Environment Group is excited to be recruiting for a new post. The Biodiversity and Decarbonisation Officer will lead our recently funded project to promote wildlife gardening, tree planting and community biodiversity monitoring in and around Newport.

We are are seeking a self-motivated, organised and creative candidate to manage the project over the 18 month period. This is an exciting role with the potential to improve biodiversity within the area and work closely to bring the community together around the aims of the project.

For more details, please download the recruitment pack below which contains more information about the role, a job description and person specification and details of the recruitment process.

The deadline for applications is 2nd April 2021.

Funding awarded

March 8, 2021   View     Author: Ros McGarry

Newport Environmental Action Group's biodiversity project gets National Park funding.

See article here:

FREE Dark Sky Awareness Training

February 23, 2021   View     Author: Brendan

Newport has some of the darkest skies in Wales as we've noted before; for example, see this article:

We've just heard of a free opportunity to learn more about our wonderful dark skies and how to use this to promote the community and business. If you are interested, please use the eventbrite link to book. This on-line event is on 9th March, 10:30-11:30am.


Decarbonisation through Biodiversity project funding secured!

February 23, 2021   View     Author: Naomi

We are pleased to say, our project to support habitat creation to improve biodiversity in and around Newport has been successful!

Launching in June 2021, the project will address the urgent need to act on climate change, focussing on 3 inter-related elements:

  • Community awareness and action – the community will be engaged in activities, workshops and personal actions to enhance biodiversity, mitigate climate change and raise awareness of critical environmental issues. The project aims to change behaviours, increase social capital and foster community pride through volunteering and long-term nurturing and monitoring of biodiversity. The project will engage local groups, the school, homeowners and landowners.
  • Carbon sequestration – there is an urgent need to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Trees sequester carbon as they grow, and will be planted to act as both a carbon sink and a carbon store, locking CO2 up above ground, in roots and in soils.
  • Biodiversity and climate change resilience – a biodiverse area is intrinsically more resilient to the effects of climate change. Systems which are more diverse, larger, in better condition and better connected are more able to adapt to or recover from change.


February 19, 2021   View     Author: Ros McGarry

February 19, 2021


A new share, repair and reuse network is to be developed in Pembrokeshire, creating not only a green, circular economy but also social, community and employment benefits.

The network is being led by Pembrokeshire County Council through Norman Industries working alongside the Regeneration Department with Paul Sartori, Pembrokeshire College, Clynfyw Care Farm, TYF St Davids, Grwp Resilience, Scolton Manor, Pembrokeshire’s Social Activity Centres and a range of local charities and social enterprises.

The scheme is supported by a £605,000 grant from the Welsh Government under its circular economy programme ‘Repair and Reuse’ to promote green recovery in Welsh town centres.


NAEG asks the Welsh Senedd to direct Pembrokeshire Coast National Park not to adopt the Local Development (Replacement) Plan

September 14, 2020   View     Author: Naomi

NAEG has written to Senedd Members (SMs) asking that they use powers under Regulation 28 of the Town and Country Planning Act Local Development Plan (Wales) Regulations.

A sample letter and attachments which were enclosed with it can be found below:


New Website

July 27, 2020   View     Author: Brendan

Our website has been updated, and is now based on Wordpress. This should make it easier for group members to update the website content.

There may still be a few things not fully working, so if you have any issues or suggestions please write to the website administrator:

Consultation on Local Development Plan

February 15, 2020   View     Author: Brendan

NAEG has been participating in the process of consultation on the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Replacement Local Development Plan (PCNPA LDP2).  To read NAEG's submissions..


NAEG submission about the PCNPA Local Development Plan

June 26, 2019   View     Author: Brendan

Anyone who would like to see NAEG's submission to the Examination for the PCNPA Local Development Plan, can go to the Examination website

All the documents that NAEG has submitted can be found under Matter 1 - Opening; Plan Preparation and Plan Strategy

NAEG's main contribution will be under Agenda Item 7d) Is Policy 3 clear and does it provide an appropriate framework for managing development in Newport? (Policy 3 is the Strategy Policy for Newport)

Referendum – residents asked for view on new homes

June 12, 2019   View     Author: Sandra

The examination by a Government Planning Inspector of the National Park's Local Development (Replacement) Plan is taking place now.

Newport Area Environment Group will be attending hearing sessions with the proposal that the occupancy of all new housing given planning permission should be restricted to those who will make it their principal or main place of residence alone. 

A referendum is being conducted amongst all Newport residents to determine the level of support.

You can see the Press Release and the letter and ballot form by clicking the following links:

Dog Control Activities by Pembrokeshire County Council are being cut

March 2, 2018   View     Author: Brendan

Dog Control activities by Pembrokeshire County Council are being cut substantially in 2018; there will be increasing problems for us all; please see this letter on sustainable dog control and also this report on dog services for 2018


Plastic Free Newport.

February 11, 2018   View     Author: Brendan

There's a great new initiative underway for a "Plastic Free Newport" This uses a Facebook group here:  Have a look, and please consider joining and supporting this group.

NPA Replacement LDP (draft) Preferred Strategy Stage (May 2017)

May 18, 2017   View     Author: admin

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority's

Replacement Local Development Plan

(Draft) Preferred Strategy Stage (May 2017)

Candidate Site Assessments for Newport and the Surrounding Area

see now Map at this location

Newport Candidates Sites Map

At last – action on Dark Skies by PCNPA

October 23, 2015   View     Author: Brendan

Stung into action (perhaps) by the Brecon Beacons National Park having become a Dark Skies Reserve, the PCNPA (Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority) has finally taken action to capitalise on the excellent dark skies in some parts of the park. (more…)

Wonderful Partial Eclipse seen in Newport

March 26, 2015   View     Author: Brendan

On Friday 20th March, 2015, a 90% partial solar eclipse was seen from Newport, with clear, albeit slightly misty skies. It made a wonderful sight, reaching a maximum at about 09:26. (more…)

Newport has one of the Darkest Skies in UK – official!

June 18, 2010   View     Author: Brendan

If you like stargazing, as I do, you may have noticed just how clear the view of the Milky Way is when viewed from Newport. (more…)

Newport Area Environment on Google Earth

April 24, 2010   View     Author: admin

We are working on creating a metadata mega file, including detailed environmentally based information on the town and the surrounding area, which will be viewable as an overlay on Google Earth.


19th February 2021



A new share, repair and reuse network is to be developed in Pembrokeshire, creating not only a green, circular economy but also social, community and employment benefits.

The network is being led by Pembrokeshire County Council through Norman Industries working alongside the Regeneration Department with Paul Sartori, Pembrokeshire College, Clynfyw Care Farm, TYF St Davids, Grwp Resilience, Scolton Manor, Pembrokeshire’s Social Activity Centres and a range of local charities and social enterprises.

The scheme is supported by a £605,000 grant from the Welsh Government under its circular economy programme ‘Repair and Reuse’ to promote green recovery in Welsh town centres.

The first part of the project is to create a network of repair cafés. People will be able to bring broken items to be repaired by a group of specialist volunteers. This could be mending a zip to working out why something electrical is no longer working or fixing a bike. Repair cafés will be available in around eight high streets across Pembrokeshire each month. This element of the project is being supported by Repair Café Wales.

The second part of the project will create a Library of Things based in Haverfordwest. This will be an opportunity for people to borrow items at a low cost rather than buying something that they may only use once or can’t really afford. The network will also encourage people to look in their sheds, garages and cupboards for things that aren’t broken but are no longer required or unlikely to be used again and to donate or share these items with others who need them. A borrowing website will be established and people will be able to collect items from locations across Pembrokeshire. This element of the project is supported by Benthyg Cymru – Wales’ Library of Things network.

The third element is a series of workshops which will take broken or outdated items and repair or upcycle the products to generate income for local charities or social enterprises. Items will be available for sale through Paul Sartori shops, an online sales platform and via events hosted by network partners.

The digital platform for the Library of Things and sale of items will be launched at the end of March.

All parts of the project are designed to increase opportunities for volunteering, work experience and supported paid work for people with disability and long term health conditions.

Cllr Tessa Hodgson, Cabinet Member for Social Services, said she was delighted to welcome the scheme.

“There is so much excellent work in this project,” she said. “In particular, it will enable many people with skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to pass that on and share it with others, while at the same time helping the environment and creating better links within communities.”

Cllr Cris Tomos, Cabinet Member with responsibility for the Environment in Pembrokeshire, was also full of praise for the project.

“This is really exciting and innovative and a fantastic boon for Pembrokeshire – something really positive to look forward to after the difficult times we have had,” he said. “I can’t wait to see it get off the ground and hear not only about the eco-friendly impact but also the benefits for communities, mental health and employment.”

· If you would like to find out more about the volunteering, work experience and supported paid work opportunities in the project, please contact Employability Pembrokeshire by e-mailing or telephoning 01437 775258 during office hours.