NAEG has set up a series of sub-groups, to cover appropriate areas of interest.

This page summarises the sub-groups that exist. It is planned to identify the leaders / members once we get round to it!

The groups are:

Food Security

This group’s remit includes protecting farm land from development, encouraging local produce, buy local, “dig for victory”, community farming, allotments etc. Also planning issues in support of these areas.

Water Quality

This sub-group is working on water quality issues, especially the problems associated with discharges into the River Nevern.

Natural Environment

This sub-group’s remit includes encouraging Biodiversity and wildlife conservation.

Built Environment

This sub-group’s remit includes the areas of Housing and Energy, including improvements to existing housing stock, planning policies and renewable energy. The full remit is still under consideration, but may also include transport .

Please click the name of the sub-group in the menu (under sub-groups) to see an index of all the articles written by the group, with the most recent one shown first.