Built Environment

Description: This sub-group looks at housing, housing improvements, renewable energy, planning and the Local Development Plan (LDP)

This page contains a list of all the articles for this sub-group, most recent first.

NoArticle title and linkDateAuthor
1NAEG asks the Welsh Senedd to direct Pembrokeshire Coast National Park not to adopt the Local Development (Replacement) PlanSeptember 14, 2020Naomi
2Documents relating to the Local Development Plan II enquiryAugust 16, 2020Naomi
3Letter to Town CouncilJuly 27, 2020Brendan
4Adopted C22 Newport Inset Map (BDOG 06)April 16, 2015admin
5LDP 2010 Table “Allocations” (BDOG 05)April 16, 2015admin
6Site HA825 Detailed Assessment (2009) (BDOG 03)April 16, 2015admin
7Inspector Juniper’s Report & Recommendations on HA825 (BDOG 04)April 16, 2015admin
8LDP Deposit Plan (2009) Appendix 2 (BDOG 02)April 16, 2015admin
9Feidr Eglwys Area Alternative Sites Map (BDOG 01)April 16, 2015admin
10LDP Appendix 2 (BDOG 07)April 16, 2015admin

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