Dwr Cymru / Welsh Water discharges from Cwm Pumping Station

According to the Dwr Cymru Alert Service, the CSO started spilling again on 12th February, and at the point of writing on the morning of 13th, has spilled for 24 hours so far this time.  Since Christmas Day, according to Dwr Cymru Welsh Water’s Smart Hub alert signals, the CSO has spilled for a total of 634 hours to date

County Councillor for Newport Paul Harries has reported
“Please see an update from DCWW received on the 2nd Feb regarding the investigation into the spills at Cwm.
Hi Paul,
Our ‘Lift n Look’ exercise went well and we identified a number of areas in Newport sewerage network requiring further, more detailed investigation.
We’ve initially promoted a number of CCTV investigations on the main sewer’s at the locations below:
• Castle street, Market Street, Long Street to Ysgol Bro Ingli
• Upper St Mary’s Street, Lower St Marys Street/ Junction of Maes Morfa
• Kings Terrace, Kings Street, Feidr Bentick,
• Newport Business Park
Depending on what we do (or don’t) find there may be a need for further surveys, but this will all provide a more granular picture of the sewer network in Newport.
We anticipate having some further updates for you by the end of the month
Note: Our CCTV surveys will require our crews to work in the highway. Whilst the surveys do not take very long to complete, we will endeavour to keep any disruption to a minimum.
We’d like apologise in advance for any temporary inconvenience that they may cause.
Dave Keen
Wastewater Infrastructure Client Manager
Wastewater Assets – Dwr Cymru Welsh Water
Wastewater Assets – Smashing our Measures of Success”

It is difficult to understand how these investigations will explain the recorded frequency and duration of spills from Cwm Pumping station.