NAEG asks the Welsh Senedd to direct Pembrokeshire Coast National Park not to adopt the Local Development (Replacement) Plan

NAEG has written to Senedd Members (SMs) asking that they use powers under Regulation 28 of the Town and Country Planning Act Local Development Plan (Wales) Regulations.

A sample letter and attachments which were enclosed with it can be found below:

One SM, Neil Hamilton, contacted the Minister for Housing and Local Government, Julie James. Ms James’ letter to Mr Hamilton is found here.

NAEG has now written to Ms James and forwarded this letter to Neil Hamilton with a covering letter.

NAEG is thereby seeking for the PCNPA LDP to be altered before adoption by incorporating:

1.         A Principal Residence policy to apply only to all new housing within PCNPA LDP2 Policy 3 specific to Newport.  (The few homes that it will be possible, because of landscape constraints, to build here within the LDP2 period, must be occupied by those who will contribute year round to the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the area. We invite you to peruse the attached materials justifying this proposal which we presented at the Examination)

2.         Reinstatement, instead of removal, of the Mixed Employment Allocation for Newport. (Covid-19 has brought home the danger of Newport’s over-reliance on tourism and the need to diversify the economy.)

3.         Land based support for improved green infrastructure, including community allocations for community growing food and allotments, a reduced minimum number of houses per hectare to enable adequate SUDS and garden sizes in affordable housing and house design and construction to eliminate the need for fossil fuels

4.         A housing mix policy which meets the wellbeing needs of this and future generations, including for affordable housing, taking into account the needs of the elderly and disabled, improving space standards applied to affordable housing, specifying a high proportion of homes built to lifetime standards, providing for the needs of young aspiring families who otherwise leave, and encouraging and supporting self–build.

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