Newport Issues under the LDP

The special session of the LDP (Local Development Plan) inquiry, dealing with only Newport Related Issues, was held on Thursday 22nd April 2010, in the Memorial Hall in town.

The principal issues examined were the sites in town, proposed and/or supported by the local planning authority (the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority : “NPA”), for allocation for the future siting of new residential housing development in the town (principally subject to a 70% affordable housing criterion) :?as against those alternate sites, which have been proposed by the local community council (the Newport Town Council “NTC”), and other individuals in the town, which have been rejected by the NPA.

The Inspector’s name was Mr. Juniper, and he has been appointed by the Welsh Planning Inspectorate which answers to the Welsh Assembly Government (“WAG”). He is expected to be able to report on his conclusions as to the “soundness” of the current NPA Deposit Draft version of the LDP by the end of the summer. His recommendations will then have to be considered formally by the NPA before adopting a final LDP, which finally must itself be submitted to WAG for approval, before becoming effective.

Alas, only those who last year submitted written representation and specifically box ticked to speak were entitled to address the inquiry, but the audience was open to the general public, and more than 25 local people came to witness the proceedings. In the afternoon the enquiry moved on to consider matters related to Dinas. The following attended to represent the local views in Newport, and generally in opposition to the NPA recommendations:

The following attended to represent the local views in Newport, and generally in opposiotion to the NPA recommendations:

Cllrs. Paul Harries & James Davies (for NTC) Dr Alan Griffiths (formerly of Cafe Fleur) and Ms Ros McGarry (Dan y Mynydd, Feidr Bentick) for the residents in and around Feidr Bentick and in opposition to the Bentick Developments proposals Mr Geraint John (Solicitor – Savills Agent) for Matthew Baker Caravans and the Meyrick Family? and Ms Vivien Carter (for the Caravan Users Group) Mr Reg Atkinson (Chair) for the Newport Memorial Hall Committee.

The Developer wishing to build on the site to the North of Feidr Eglwys (Bentick Developments Inc.) who enjoy the support and recommendation of the NPA were represnted by Mr Mark Robert (RPS Planning Agents)

Whilst, the NPA itself was principally represented by Ms.Sarah Middleton (Forward Planning) and Mr Steve Morgan (Statistical Officer) with Mr. Peter Sedgewick in attendance.

We, of course, were represented by myself (Robbie Manson) with essential assistance from Sandra Bayes (Vice Chair).

To see the various site allocations considered up to and included in the so-called ‘Changes Consultation’ stage refer to this map:

Newport Map (All Sites):

Newport All Sites Map

Alternately you may download the following Google Earth Overlay File (“.kmz” file) if you have GE and see all of the Newport Associated allocations and other issues arising under the LDP process.

Newport LDP file.

To see only the sites that went forward for consideration at the Inquiry into the Deposit Draft see this map:

Newport Map (inquiry Stage Sites) :

A copy of the formal written submission made on behalf of NAEG dealing with the Newport aspects only of the LDP process are listed here:

[1] Centre line boundary

[2]  Parrog Hill Area Site Allocations

[3] Feidr Bentick & Feidr Eglwys Sites

[4] Other Issues

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