Worst storm for years hits Newport Parrog

On 31st March 2010, one of the highest tides of the year conincided with very low pressure and very strong northerly winds. 

Storm damage closes footpath

This resulted in an exceptionally high tide and very large waves.

This caused substantial damage to the coastal path. Large parts of the Parrog car park were underwater and the buildings around the Parrog were all lashed by the spray from the breaking waves.

The Parrog Car Park and the surrounding paths and houses were all choked with debris washed up by the storm; many people turned out the next day to clear up the mess.  Much worse was the closure of the Coastal Footbath near Bettws as the storm smashed the path and made it impassable as shown in the photograph. A diversion to the coastal path was put in place involving walking up Feidr Brenin, and then down past the  new development, Bettws Newydd.

There was also damage by the old Lifeboat station, but the path was passable there.

The picture below shows a view of the bay during the storm at about 8 am on 31st March 2010.


View of Newport bay during the storm

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