Latest status on NAEG work on Water Quality

NAEG is working to assist regain Blue Flag status at Traethmawr and improve water quality at other local bathing (and recreational) waters. Our objective is to preserve, protect and improve the quality of the environment and to protect the health of people.

We are working with:

– Natural Resources Wales,

– The County Council,

– Keep Wales Tidy,

– Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust,

– local farmers,

– Dwr Cymru,

– Nevern Community and Newport Town Councils and others.

What is known as The Revised European Bathing Water Directive (2006/7/EC) (rBWD) entered into force 8 years ago. View this here.  

This has been transposed into law in Wales through the Bathing Water Regulations 2008, revised in 2013, available here.   The Directive and Regulations are concerned with the quality of water for bathing only, and only at the most popular beaches chosen to be designated by Local Authorities, of which Traethmawr or Newport Sands, or to give it its designated name, Newport North, is one.

NAEG is also concerned about the quality of water at Cwm and Bettws, at Pyg Y Benet and Parrog, and not just for bathing but also for other forms of recreation.

NAEG also seeks a high standard of local public information services, both so that users can make well-informed decisions and so that they can participate in helping to maintain water quality.

The Blue Flag system of accreditation which is administered in Wales by Keep Wales Tidy and depends on the bathing water classification standards set by the European Directives, helps to encourage higher standards and also impacts the local economy. NAEG works to see Newport North regain Blue Flag status which it lost in 2012.

Bathing waters have been classified under results for one year but in 2015 classification will depend on the current season and the 3 previous seasons’ data and rely on statistical analysis. Newport North data will be skewed by one bathing water quality result which was significantly higher than average in 2012.

The Pembrokeshire Bathing Water Strategy 2013, available here, sets out the Authority’s priorities.

NAEG recently attended a meeting run by local County Councillors for the Strategy Liaison Group to look at progress at Newport North and Poppit Sands since the Strategy was written. The statements posted (here) have been sent to representatives of the principle organisations at this meeting.

Letter to Diana Turbervill (February 2014) 

Rod Thomas Questions (Feb 2014)

Statement to Cllrs James and Harris (Feb 2014)




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