Newport Community Energy Project

Newport Area Environment Group, working with West Wales EcoCentre’s People’s Power Station project have teamed up with Newport Memorial Hall to create Newport Community Energy Project (NCEP)

NEWSFLASH: Newport Memorial Hall is through to the next round of funding for ‘Energyshare’.

The project is to renovate the hall to be a model of reduced energy consumption, the users taking part in conscious energy management, and using only energy produced renewably at the hall.

The project will generate funds to finance ongoing energy efficient and carbon reducing projects:-

Photovoltaic panels on the Hall’s roof will generate 12,000KWh a year with an energy saving of 240,000KWh over the next twenty years.

The roof will be replaced with one that is highly insulated and air-tight.

A community survey will monitor levels of heat loss and cost reduction measures.

Heat and power monitors and control systems will be installed encouraging energy reduction by highlighting wastage.

A future goal is to install a combination of solar hot water panel and ground-source heat pump.

Funds generated from PV panels through Feed In Tariff will support future green community projects and initiatives.

The project will help retain the hall and lower its environmental impact thus both educating the public and enabling future community green initiatives.

We are pleased to announce that thanks to those who voted for Newport Community Energy Project, Newport Memorial Hall is through to the next round of funding for ‘Energyshare’.

Thanks for helping us get there!

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