Local Development Plan (LDP)

Local Development Plan

This is the emerging town & country development control plan for the whole of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, which is our local planning authority, and which will govern the local planning policy position in the Park up to at least 2021. There are aspects of the general policy provisions with respect to items such as no specific provision favouring allotments, policies that appear to us to speak to recycling centres only on a district wide basis, rather than local community based level, no recognition of the need to make domestic based renewable energy a priority feature of future new build design etc. etc. In addition there are aspects concerning the inadequate proposed policy provisions on general housing issues, in the new plan, as compared to the existing JUDP provisions, which we feel would open up the future of housing development to much greater abuse. To see most of our submission in these general policy areas use the following link:

General Policy provision submissions.

However, of most particular concern to us here in Newport is the National Park Authority’s implacable commitment to allocate sites (in particular within the existing Newport Bay Caravan Park and on the north side of Feidr Egwys) to meet the future community needs for new housing, most especially so-called ‘affordable’ needs. These sites have attracted almost universal criticism amongst both individuals and community groups who attended the two Planning Surgeries which we held last summer, jointly with the Town Council. These issues were examined in a public session of the inquiry into the ‘soundness’ of this plan by the planning inspector, Mr Juniper, who held a special session of the LDP Inquiry dealing with Newport Issues only, during the morning of Thursday 22nd April 2010.

See separate article just about issues covered at this Session titled :

Newport LDP Issues.

It is the firm policy position of NAEG not to support or oppose any particular individual proposal for the allocation of land for housing in Newport , but rather to test and examine the rationale and policy based justifications offered by the PCNPA for having approved or rejected them, from the perspective of seeking a consistent, rationale, comprehensive final plan and thus from the desire to create achievable plan proposals in this regard.

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