Glossary of Terms & Acronyms

Sewer = /su(r), sju-/ n. a conduit, usu. underground, for carrying off drainage water and sewage.

Sewage = /sud, sju-/ n.  waste matter, esp. excremental, conveyed in sewers.

Sewerage =/surd, sju-/ n.   a system of or drainage by sewers, the infrastructure of the same.


CSO = Combined Storm Overflow

(activated in this of severe rainfall to discharge combined sewage discharge and surface water run-off)

DC/WW = Dwr Cymru / Welsh Water

(the statutory water services undertaker with exclusively responsibility for the Newport Area)

EA(W) = Environment Agency (Wales)

(with primary statutory responsibility for all monitoring and supervision of water services and environment in the Newport Area.)

ID = Internal Diameter

LSO = Long Sea Outfall

SAP = Sewer Access Point (manhole)

SPS = Sewage Pumping Station

WwTW = Waste Water Treatment Works (Sewage Works)