General Environmental Policies

The Group is fully committed to the promotion of, and the ethos underpining the inspiration for, the transition towns movement, both here in the UK and internationally. In particular, we are gravely concerned to intiate and foster the kind of life-style and community changes, with respect to such issues as local food growing, local waste re-use and re-cycling and local food wastes composting, which we perceive as forming an essential need – if we are to sucessfully meet the future demands upon our society, due to the combined effects and synergies of global climate change, post peak oil economics and macro-economic system reform.

In this regard we are gravely concerned about the lack of policy provision appearing in the Deposit Draft version of the LDP, as that bears on the opportunity to promote land uses for environmentally friendly uses which will be needed in future in order to contribute to the sustainability of our society and our communities. The following three matters are the ones which we picked out as of particular importance, but are by no menas intended to be a comprehensive list. Click on the link to view our formal submission on the topic concerned :


No provision specifically locally based community composting


Provision for land used for waste recycling is geared to large scale district facilities only.


No provision for pro-active promotion of land for allotments

Two further documents are referred to in this submission as follows :

Letter from M. Dunne to Group in 2005

Article in The Independent about need for allotments 2008


The following documents were also used as a part of our oral submissions

Newport Allotments submission to NAW Sustainability Committee Inquiry (2010)

Pembs County Council submissions to NAW Sustainability Committee Inquiry (2010)

A Place to Grow (School of Social Sciences King’s College London UNiversity)

Yveline Armstrong’s Experience in Narbeth






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