Newport Area Environment on Google Earth

We are working on creating a metadata mega file, including detailed environmentally based information on the town and the surrounding area, which will be viewable as an overlay on Google Earth.

To use the map you’ll have to first download and instsal Google Earth (“GE”) onto your computer, assuming naturally that you don’t already have it ! It’s free ! Go here to download GE :


Then you may download the following file simply entitled “Newport Megamap” onto your computer and upon opening it it should automatically load into the “Temporary Places” folder in the ‘Places’ section of the left hand margin column on your GE Browser page. Then you simply open the relevant sub folder and sub-sub folders until you reach a title you want to examine and click the box to see the placemarks as an overlay.

The Newport Megamap Data File


Alternatively, if you only want to examine data on a particular theme or topic area, then download the appropriate topic specific file instead :

Mountainside Byeways

Newport Relief Map (Water sources & courses, peaks & byeways + proposed spray zones)

Newport Boundaries (incld. Planning Boundaries)

Satellite Settlements

The Parrog : Places & Properties

The Local Development Plan in Newport

Sewerage (i.e. sewer installation and plant)

Environment Agency Sampling Points

Finally, this link takes you to the GE overlay which reproduces the current map, supplied to us by the Countryside Council for Wales, and which sets out the areas proposed by the Grazier’s Association for aerial spraying of the ‘Asulox’ herbicide on the bracken on Carningli, together with the 50m & 160m spray drift ‘buffer zones’.

Proposed Carningli Aerial Spraying Zones