NAEG: Current Wordpress Categories

The categories listed in the table below are dynamically extracted from the wordpress database. The list will be updated if you change the category definitions in the wordpress database. The category descriptions are important as they are used in the site.

ID Name Description Parent Count
2ProjectsThe Parent for the categories used by sub-groups. Don't delete! Otherwise not used at present. On the old site this category included all articles for current projects.01
5SupportThis category is not current used01
6Water QualityWorking to further improve the water quality of the area including pressing for a long term solution to the management of Newport sewage wastes224
7Built EnvironmentThis sub-group looks at housing, housing improvements, renewable energy, planning and the Local Development Plan (LDP)224
8Natural EnvironmentThis sub-group is aimed at encouraging Biodiversity and wildlife conservation.28
10NewsNews items025
14FAQSAdvice for content creators. NOT UPDATED from old Joomla site51
15News ArchiveOld news items that are worth keeping.021
16Food SecurityThis sub-group’s remit includes protecting farm land from development, encouraging local produce, buy local, “dig for victory”, community farming, allotments etc. Also planning issues in support of these areas.23


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