Water Quality

Description: Working to further improve the water quality of the area including pressing for a long term solution to the management of Newport sewage wastes

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11Other Documents related to DC/WW FEPA Licence ApplicationFebruary 8, 2011admin
12Dwr Cymru / Welsh Water ‘Parrog’ NewsletterFebruary 8, 2011admin
13Cross section from Cwm to Diffuser @ end of outfallFebruary 8, 2011admin
14Xsect showing flushing tank & venting Ty Canol Bank to foreshore @ y CwmFebruary 8, 2011admin
15Parrog CSO Re configuration PlanFebruary 8, 2011admin
16Planned Sea Outfall 1:1250 scale Plan ViewFebruary 8, 2011admin
17Cross section of proposed additional storm storage tankFebruary 7, 2011admin
18Last minute letter to DC / WWFebruary 7, 2011admin
19Plan showing proposed additional storage tankFebruary 7, 2011admin
20Prospective New ‘Replacement’ Sea OutfallFebruary 7, 2011admin

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