The Next Eco Tours are  Sunday 28th November 2010, and Sunday Jan 30th 2011.



The tour visits 8 households where the residents talk about their equipment including wind turbines, electricity from sun and water, heat from the earth, from solar panels and new super efficient wood ranges. It includes reed-bed sanitation, electric bikes, everlasting washing machines and a range of new hand gadgets and tools. They also explain their life-style adaptations which cover the extremes of simplicity and luxury.

A 4 mile ramble through the countryside around Newport while calling in on diverse homes with eco features.

We usually start at a ‘passiv-haus’ designed office, with an experienced eco architect. We then go for coffee at a luxurious home with ground-source heat-pump, solar hot water panels plumbed separately – the bath has 3 taps! Part of the pleasure is being surrounded by local species hard-wood floors, doors, furniture. From here we walk past our wind turbine, several communal vegetable gardens and call at a number of little homes around a shared yard, formally the home of John Seymour. There are diverse wood fires and solar hot water and pv panels, also electric bike, reed-bed and compost sanitation. Then on along woodland paths to the famous round-houses at Brithdir Mawr. These take one into a different way of living, with home construction costs of around £3,000.

We visit Brithdir’s off-grid community and see how water, sun and wind work together to provide all the power needs of the approximately 20 residents. The final stop is a converted church for more insight into the power of super efficient wood ranges, and great cake and tea.

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