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Written by Robbie (for Vicky)   
Sunday, 17 October 2010 10:11


For 5 years 14 families and individuals have wanted allotments.

In 2008 when there was hope of land, an association formed,


became members of NSLG – National Society of Allotments and Leisure Gardens, met regularly, and offers of help eg free tractor work poured in. But the promised land turned out to be a mirage.



Now in October 2010 land is up for auction on 29th. The field on the left of A487 is 4 minutes walk from the edge of town, along a flat verge. 4 acres is wildlife rich reeds, 2 acres wet, and 10 acres agricultural of no  wildlife significance. No neighbours overlook it, and it is far enough from Newport to make hope of building there insignificant.

When will we get a chance like this again?

A Cardiff Allotment

So far offers have brought us close to having a good chance at auction. The offers include buying part of it for uses which will provide a public wildlife walkway and a business growing plants for natural seed. The business provides employment and its owners have lots of skills to share, they are committed to the allotment project.


Offers of loans, share purchase and donations have also come in from 16 people, so we are close to realising this dream. However land near Newport goes for more than its agricultural value, so we are seeking a little more to have confidence at the auction. There are regular meetings, a company Tir-y-Fro is being incorporated to provide allotment land. The loans and donations will be held by our solicitor and returned if we do not succeed at auction.


If successful the promised land will be a place where anyone from the area can visit, where people run a worthy business in one corner, providing practical employment, in another there is appreciation of the amazing bird life of the reedbed estuary, and in another allotments are there for all who want them now, with room to expand. And there is land for other ideas to grow, maybe a community orchard or educational activities...


If you can help us buy the land, get in touch now, as the clock to the auction is ticking. Also for info on interest and repayment of loans etc.

phone 01239 820971 or email vickymoller(at)btinternet.com



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